Boat Maintenance – Maintaining Your Motor


Posted on February 7, 2022

Maintaining your motor is vitality important to safe and happy boating. Services and repairs should be taken care of by a licensed professional. But there are steps to take to ensure your motor lasts as long as possible and is in its best working condition.

  • Flush your motor with fresh water after every trip. Salt water being left in the motor cause corrosion damaging the motor.
  • Use it often or at least run it often. One of the worse things you can do for your motor is leave it sitting for months on end without any use. The corrosive effects of salt set in whether the motor is in use or not. So it’s a good idea to use your boat at least once a month. If you haven’t got time to take your boat start your motor once a month in the pen or with the hose hooked up.
  • Change your sacrificial anode. The zinc anode on your motor is there to protect you motors drive leg from corrosion. If it’s looking worn get it changed.
  • Have your motor serviced. In general your motor should be serviced at least once every 100 hours of use or once a year as per the Skippers ticket guidelines
  • Fuel lines can get cracked and worn. Check your fuel lines for damage and leakage once a month.
  • Your spark plus should get changed during your yearly service but for heavy use it can be a good idea to change them more often.
  • Dead batteries are the most common cause of marine breakdown. Make sure the batter posts are clean from corrosion and the battery hasn’t been drained from leaving marine electronics on. Preferably replace your battery yearly as marine batteries are exposed to the elements, making them more susceptible to failure.
  • Check your propeller for chips and damage.


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