The Stessl Boats Story

Stessl Boats have been part of the Australian boating landscape for decades and continually strive to develop and produce quality Australian made aluminium boats to suit our nation's tough conditions. Whether it be a 3m dinghy or cartopper, or a classic Edgetracker side console, you'll find the perfect boat for fishing, exploring, or just relaxing in the extensive Stessl alloy boat range. Our Platetrix series of plate alloy boats represents the pinnacle of aluminium boat design with build quality and an amazing array of standard features to position Stessl Boats at the front of the pack! Read More >


Latest News

Nothing Like That ‘New’ Smell

Just like a new car, a new boat smells new. While that is a fairly superficial reason to buy a boat, there’s nothing quite like it. Read More »

660 Seahawk

The Stessl Seahawk builds on it’s predecessor’s proven pedigree. Read More »